Glenshee Performance Squad

Glenshee Performance Squad Training Programme is an initiative organised by Aberdeen, Blairgowrie, Braemar and Dundee Ski Clubs in association with Glenshee Ski Centre. The training is envisaged as a “back to basics” program and is open to members of any Ski Club which is affiliated to Snowsport Scotland. Applicants should be able to use the lifts, and have a desire to ski fast while under control.

The principle aim of the programme is to take young skiers to a level past Ski School. For first season applicants it is seen as a stepping stone towards competitive ski racing or freestyle skiing. Alternatively it could provide a youngster with an early route towards becoming a ski instructor. At the same time, the trainees will gain pleasure from the benefits of participating in outdoor physical exercise and have great fun in the mountains. For the more experienced skiers, the masters (aged 30+) training offers skiers instruction aimed at aiding performance, race training and touring.

The training program will commence early January or when the slopes open. The option of either Saturday or Sunday training only or both days is an option.

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