Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

A Duke of Edinburgh Awards programme is a real adventure from beginning to end

Winter Skiing and Snowboarding Gold Residential: 16-21 Feb 2020

Duke of Edinburgh Awards 5-day Residential Programme Gulabin Lodge Outdoor CentreWe understand that Duke of Edinburgh Awards candidates can come from any walk of life and just need to be aged between 14 and 24 and keen to get the most out of life. At Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre we specialise in group programmes for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, involving residential activities. These could include volunteering on the local Cateran Trail, helping maintain it alongside professionals, taking part in many of the outdoor activities on offer or take part in a 5 day winter sports residential of Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Residential ProgrammeGroup Residential Programmes for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Gulabin Lodge Outdoor Centre offers 5-day residential programmes for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award both during the summer and winter months. During the summer a full range of activities are on offer with lots of activities to choose from. For the winter, a 5-day skiing/snowboarding package is on offer.

Please click here for details of our summer and winter 5-day Residential Programmes for the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Gold)

For further information on the courses please call the office on 01250 885255 or email info@gulabinlodge.co.uk

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